Welcome to the Jih Research Group
We aim to reduce health disparities and promote health equity among multiethnic and linguistically diverse adults by developing and evaluating innovative, person-centered interventions.

About Our Work

Our research focuses on the following:

  • the influence of contextual factors (e.g., race/ethnicity, language, culture, health behaviors, patient preferences and goals) on chronic disease prevention and self-management, particularly among patients with multiple chronic conditions;
  • integration of contextual factors, particularly unmet health-related social needs (e.g., food insecurity), into clinical care including patient-clinician communication;
  • and use of photos as a tool for patients to communicate to their clinical team about contextual factors important in chronic disease prevention and self-management.

This work is based on the premise that photos can promote efficient information exchange and activate patients to communicate their complex lived experiences, including their goals and preferences that may otherwise be difficult to elicit or challenging to discuss in current clinical practice.